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Creative Mind fundamental mission remains unchanged since it was founded:
Provide the best DIY 3D models for all ages for something very important that we miss in our modern life

precious quality time together as a family/friends

The beauty here is that with the purpose for which our brand is really founded, we succeed through our models to achieve equally important goals for your children/adults and they are:
Ignite imagination, Improving creativity and ability to build complex models for children and adults
Improve the ADHD problem of children and serve as  a stress reliever for adults
An extraordinary sense of satisfaction after looking at the model and being proud that we built it
Unique room/living room home decor - can be painted according to your wishes after the model finish
Improve Hand-Eye coordination and the most important thing to keep your brain sharp

Creative-mind DIY wooden models are a piece of artwork that decorates your home
with unique beauty which can be painted as you desired for your home.
In addition, our DIY models can be functional like our Vitascope that can actually play a film,our Waterwheel Coaster can be played as a marble run.
It entirely depends on you which model you want to build.

We are happy to welcome you to Creative-Mind community, A huge family of peoples with a vision for DIY artwork models.

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